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We understand that your business needs are unique, and so are our solutions. We have a proven track record of providing ediscovery services to companies in all industries. Our experts have years of experience working with the latest technologies to complete eDiscovery processes quickly and cost effectively. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your company will be ready for any legal issues that arise so you can keep operations going smoothly.

How eDiscovery Works

eDiscovery is a process used to find, collect and review digital data. It’s used in litigation, regulatory compliance and investigations. The first step of eDiscovery is to identify relevant information. Then you have to identify what is needed from this information. Then we need to collect the data, which can be done by using specialized software or manual methods like email searches or manual review of files stored on servers or hard drives. Once all this has been done, we can begin reviewing documents for authenticity and relevance before presenting them in court if necessary.

The Benefits of eDiscovery

eDiscovery can help you save money on litigation, reduce the time spent on discovery, and increase efficiency in the discovery process. By providing a more reliable and cost-effective way for attorneys to conduct discovery, eDiscovery can make your practice more efficient.

The Steps of eDiscovery

The first step of the ediscovery process is to collect all relevant data from your company’s network and storage systems. This may sound like an incredibly daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, there are several tools that can help with this step of the eDiscovery process. For example, if you’ve been using Office 365 for years and have saved a lot of documents into your SharePoint Online account then finding those documents won’t be too difficult, however, if you’ve just recently begun using SharePoint Online or Office 365 then you may want to consider a tool like eDiscovery Dashboard from Skyvia or DLP Suite from Deja View Software which can help automatically identify what documents are stored on which servers so that when it comes time for collection or during litigation everyone involved knows where each document was created or stored.

Factors That Affect Discovery

To ensure that ediscovery services are provided in an efficient and cost-effective manner, it is important for attorneys to understand the factors that affect the process. These include:

  • The volume of data being reviewed.
  • The complexity of the data for example, how many custodians and locations were involved, as well as whether electronic documents or other forms of evidence were involved.
  • The number of devices that need to be searched.
  • And finally, if there’s a need for a quick turnaround meaning you need your ediscovery professionals to finish their work quickly so you can move on with your case efficiently.