What Should You Do After Motor Vehicle Accidents?


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Do you know what to do after being involved in a motor vehicle accident? Stress and panic will most likely appear, together with your injuries. It does become very difficult to deal with what will happen and the steps you have to take. One thing you might not know, according to Regan Zambri Long, is that even before the claim is filed, you have to do the right things. Here are some things to remember. 

Always Stay At The Scene Of The Accident

While this is definitely common sense, in many situations, injured people do not think logically and clearly right after the accident. It does not matter if the accident is just a fender bender. When you leave the scene before you should, it can lead to serious criminal charges. At the very least, your future claims will be compromised. 

Check For The Presence Of Injuries

Check yourself to see if you are injured or not. When you are not injured or you just have minimal injuries, move on and check on the other people inside the vehicle. Then, move to other vehicles to see if emergency medical attention is needed by someone else. Make sure to never move a person who is unconscious or who seems to have some sort of back or neck injury. These are conditions that require the presence of qualified medical care. 

Use Your Phone To Call 911

When you are injured in a car crash or someone else is, there might be several injuries that are not visible. This is why you absolutely have to call 911 as soon as you can. Also, it is a good idea to have police officers on site as soon as possible. The police officers will create a report of what they find. That report will be crucial in your upcoming injury claim. 

An extra related tip is to ask police officers for badge numbers and names. You can easily get a copy of the report filed in just a few days. If you do not know how to do this, the best thing you can do is to tell your attorney to get it. 

Never Apologize

It is very important that you do not apologize to police officers or the other drivers that were involved in the crash. Obviously, you need to be cordial and cooperative as questions are answered or when you exchange information. Something as general and as polite as saying you are sorry can be seen as admissions of guilt. 

Document The Scene

There is a very high possibility you have a cell phone that has a camera. Use it in order to document the car accident scene. Take as many pictures as you can and try to document absolutely everything you can. This is very important because it helps the insurance adjuster and the personal injury attorney to figure out exactly what happened. The photographs will also determine the right compensation for your damages and can easily help you out in the unwanted event that you end up in a lawsuit.