Understanding and Dealing With Parental Alienation

Parental alienation is an issue that takes place in which a child expresses feelings of great dislike or sometimes hatred regarding a particular parent. The feelings are generally unjustified and they also make it challenging for the alienated father or mother to associate or interact with the child.


Many factors induce these sort of feelings. They could be prompted by the unfavorable opinions a child hears from one parent relating to the other. Such sentiments in a child are often seen in a separation and divorce situation in which the feelings of the parents might run over and affect the way a child feels and what they think. Parents could possibly be distracted by their particular turmoil as they cope with matters like child custody attorney in Muskogee and distribution of property and assets.


When the factors of the breakup are uneasy and painful, for example a cheating spouse, it’s usually hard for one parent to hide their disdain and frustration for the other spouse and they might unwillingly have an effect on the sentiments of the child, but dont forget to consider the child’s preference . Hearing and seeing close family comment on the other parent in a negative way, discussions where insults are typically thrown about and reference to what one parent did wrong can make a child feel like they loathe one parent and make them distance themselves from them. So does discovering a parent being reckless, regarding how they mishandle finances, their being users or abusers of illicit drugs together with other behavior that may have triggered the marriage or relationship to collapse. A parent may uncover this to a kid purposely or by some coincidence.


One parent might need to seek retribution on the other by turning a kid against them. It is important for parents to understand that the labors to get retribution on the other by turning the children against them can backfire. The child may hate the parent who declares to them negative aspects of the other parent. The child could also detest the accusing parent because of not forgiving the parent who may have done something wrong for the sake of keeping the family together. What may then arise is that the child or children may alienate both parents simply because they feel disillusioned by each of them.


A marriage or serious relationship is a place where one gets a big component of their identity, their guidance and their incentive. As a result the roots of these connections are very profound and they are linked with the ones from a child or children in the partnership. Yet as frustrating as it is, a parent needs to do all that is possible to recover from the marriage or relationship with minimal disturbance of the children’s lives. The suitable and good thing to do for the child is to reassure them that both mom and dad love them as much as ever even though they are no longer in a relationship. Remember, what a child sees is what they are inclined to repeat in their own partnerships and marriages.